Physical Therapy Evaluation

This is a 40-minute session with a licensed physical therapist, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your complaints. We ask that you bring all relevant information, including any recent imaging studies or evaluations that have been performed.

Physical Therapy Session

This is a 40-minute one-on-one physical therapy session with a licensed physical therapist. During this personalized experience, we will provide you with an individualized program to address your specific needs.
A Physical Therapy session may or may not include:
  • Mechanical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Treatment (McKenzie: see for information)
  • Functional Dry Needling (see for information)
  • Manual Therapy (see for information)
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Education

Our Self Pay Option

  • A 40 minute visit
  • $85 per visit
Reasons to choose self pay
  • No hassle with insurance companies
  • You have met your allowable amount of visits need physical therapy
  • You can use your self pay visit whenever you prefer. Now, three months down the road, whenever

The Manual Therapy Tune-Up

  • A 40-minute head-to-toe, hands on, Manual Therapy session addressing all those tight joints and muscles to prevent injury and promote health!
  • $85 per visit