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"Corie was great. I had seen Corie in the clinic before the Covid pandemic and was very happy with her assessment and treatment for my back issues .Today I had my first video treatment from home, I had developed pain in my neck, which she attributed to the way I was sitting at the computer. She was able to see from the video and make corrections to the way I was sitting at the computer at the same time and then gave me exercises which have already given me considerable relief. I must say that I was very impressed with the telehealth , not only did I receive excellent treatment, but was able to comply with the stay at home to avoid exposure to the Covid19"
Apr 23, 2020
"I would highly recommend Colorado Spine Therapy. My PT was primarily Johann and I saw Corie several times when Johann was not available. Both were excellent, highly knowledgeable, using different modalities which resulted in great improvement of long standing symptoms in my hip. I had earlier been to a larger, 'fancier' PT office, but the personalization and treament was not nearly as effective there. All staff and the facility at CO Spine are great! "
Apr 15, 2020
"Colorado Spine Therapy is the best in the state. I came in with pain in my right knee that I had for 18 months and no one could figure out the problem. I thought it was arthritis but discovered it to be a mis- aligned muscle. After my first visit I could walk much better and had minimal pain. Corrie Good is a miracle worker. I highly recommend Colorado Spine Therapy since they work wonders."
Feb 18, 2020
"I have come to Colorado Spine Therapy off and on since 2009. The quality of care, engagement with patients, and effectiveness of treatment is wonderful. I worked with Stefan years ago and Corie just recently and have only the highest of praise for all they have done to help me with my back. Not only are they both very professional and skillful, but their level of connection with patients is truly remarkable. And not to forget Debbie, the receptionist, she is a joy to work with. As you can tell, I have only the highest praise for Colorado Spine Therapy."
Jan 21, 2020

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Alan was great as always. I appreciate all of you. You are the best.


Alan is highly professional, knowledgeable and skilled. My radiculopathy improved rapidly under his care. I recommend him highly and without hesitation. – EW, MD

Very pleased with results – Lauren Kealy, PT.


Lauren was great! I can’t believe how much she has helped me in every way.


I’ve seen several PT’s prior to coming to Colorado Spine Therapy, and so far Lauren has provided the best care to date. I feel Lauren’s sessions has benefitted me the most with measurable results and improved quality of life. With her guidance I have been able to better manage my pain and activities.


Lauren was amazing. She is a great listener, teacher and compassionate. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Fantastic! Alan was/is the right therapist for me. Good exercises – easy and effective. Feel much better and feel that I am walking better. Thank you to Alan and all at Colorado Spine Therapy!


Lauren is a great therapist. She is very thorough and explains what she is doing as well as what I needed to do at home to accomplish our goals. I feel 100% better after working with her for the past few months.


When I first came to Lauren I was in severe pain and my range of motion was very limited. The exercises she provided for me helped to build strength and regain range of motion. I thought that I would never be pain free, but now I am there.

Lauren is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and helped my get my life back.


I am so pleased with the treatment I received from Alan…he helped me get my life back! I was so miserable with hip and lower back pain when I started physical therapy but by the end of my sessions I felt like a new person. I am forever grateful to Alan for his warmth and kindness and for giving me the tools and exercises I need going forward. Plus, he’s just a truly nice person…we had some great conversations!

I also think Debbie is a terrific “Director of First Impressions” for the office. Her calm and friendly manner is very much appreciated.


Alan is a remarkably skilled therapist.

His empathy and technical ability are a rare and wonderful blend which provided for a great, successful treatment result.


Debbie (administrative assistant) is great. I appreciate the time she takes with each patient. If there are cancellations, she calls to see if I would be interested. The extra time and personal interest are greatly appreciated.
Thanks Debbie.

Cheryl C.

I am very pleased with the care I received from Jeremy. By 4 sessions, I was so much better. It really made a difference. I love the personal sessions and feedback he gave me. He has angel hands. Thank you so much, Jeremy.

Cherri C.

You’re awesome (Jeremy Wehking, PT). Serious hiking. No pain! So happy! Just wanted to let you know!

Martin C./03-22-2015

Debbie and Stefan are very personable, very sincere and very pleasant. I appreciate the reminder calls from Debbie J. Thank you very much.


I would highly recommend Colorado Spine Therapy to anyone with a spinal injury. Kristy Yarbrough, my therapist, is extremely knowledgeable and competent. Add in her great, warm personality, and the combination becomes a person I would rank tops in her field!

Debbie, at the front desk, is an absolute genius at scheduling, insurance and taking care of any concerns or problems. Also, super warm and friendly, they become a dynamite team!. My recovery was remarkable and speedy!


I have been very pleased with the results of therapy. Also, Jeremy has been super to work with.


Absolutely terrific therapy. Kristy is the best I have ever experienced. An 11 on a scale of 1-10.

Kristy has been a wonderful motivator and has pushed me drastically to continue my exercises. When originally coming in, my entire back hurt, but leaving a few months later I am an entirely different person.

Adam D

Kristy did a great job treating my neck and upper back injury. She is an expert in dry needling. My head pain from the MVA injury is significantly alleviated with the dry needling.


I started PT with Jeremy in Feb. My neck was in trauma (3 herniated discs); “Angel Hands!!” Jeremy was great, my neck has more movement, no pain. Jeremy was knowledgeable about what exercises I should do/not do in my everyday exercise routine. Jeremy was professional and friendly. I enjoyed getting to know him during my sessions.


My experience with Stefan as my therapist after back surgery was wonderful. The time spent with me each and every appointment from start to finish was not what I was used to and helped to get me to where I needed to be post op. Stefan was very generous with his time and facilities allowing me to feel better than I have for years.


Very pleased with the care I received from Jeremy. This was unlike my previous PT experiences; those involved a lot of painful manipulations and escalating exercises with minimal results. I was surprised – and pleased – that the subtle approach and very direct exercises cold be so effective in reversing my situation. I feel 100% better than when I started.


I am very pleased with the help that Jeremy gave me. He has “fixed” my problem hip. Great job Jeremy!


Received dry needling and other physical therapy for my back spasms from Jonathan. The treatment was successful after many other unsuccessful treatments and medications. I am ecstatic.


Jeremy really did wonders for back and leg pain; would definitely recommend to others!


My experience with Jeremy was great. I will be happy to send any one to him. Jeremy was helpful in aspects alleviating my fears of my back issues. I am back to my old self. (NO surgery)


Following my MVA, Jeremy helped treat my neck and shoulder pain and tingling. I am now able to pick up my kids again. Plus, I am getting back to my normal day-to-day activities and have been overall pain free-yeah!


Kim was informative, polite and very helpful! I would recommend her at any chance. Thank you for all your help!


I am very satisfied with the therapy I received at Colorado Spine Therapy and with my therapist, Kim.

Gerald M.

Jeremy pinpointed my problem areas quickly and set me on a course of therapy that helped me greatly. He made sure that my home exercises were not time consuming but effective. I appreciate the fact that he kept as a patient only as long as was necessary and didn’t have me returning just to keep me on his patient list.


My therapist is interested very much in my full recovery. She seems to be working very diligently for my speedy recovery. My neck pain seems to be moving around and she addresses her therapy to my concerns at each session.

Alison L.

Jeremy is very professional, well educated and informative. Always on time. Good exercise routine which improved my back pain in a short time.