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Previous Feedback

I started coming to Colorado Spine Therapy in April of 2011 for what I deemed a serious back and leg issue. After seeing numerous Chiropractors and trying different techniques to rid my body of pain, PT was my last option next to surgery. I have to say, I was the luckiest person in the world because I happened to come upon Colorado Spine Therapy, and it was a life-changing experience. Renee, Stefan and Sarah made me feel like family from day 1, not just another patient but they really cared about my physical and metal well-being. They treated my symptoms and helped me progress to being almost pain-free.

They were able to teach me not only the exercises I needed to do to stay pain-free, but how to live my life pain-free by changing some of my bad physical habits. It has truly been not only a rehabilitation experience, but an educational one as well and the team has given me a new outlook on my physical life. I cannot thank them enough, and would strongly recommend that anyone in any sort of physical and/or mental pain stemming from the physical pain visit them immediately. They'll work at your pace to ensure you heal properly. Thanks Colorado Spine Therapy!

Jordan U.

As a person who led an active life I was blessed with good health, I was concerned when a leg and back pain developed (with no special event) that slowed me down. My doctor suggested I visit Colorado Spine Clinic. That was indeed a wise choice for me.

The clinic assigned me to physical therapist Renee, who diagnosed and then focused on my needs. She gave me home assignments (and my wife, a retired PT, said the assignments from Colorado Spine were appropriate).

I have found the staff at Colorado Spine Clinic very professional and caring. It is a small world as I discovered two of my neighbors are patients at Colorado Spine. One is a long-standing patient and the other a new referral. I was able to give the new referral my A+ recommendation.

The Clinic is well located (Colorado Spine Therapy and Valley HWY). Renee assigned me some exercises when I went on a summer vacation and followed up via email.

L. Trace

I was immediately taken by the warm and welcoming environment of both the office as well as all the staff members. Having been to various other therapists, it was Renee's ability to show her genuine concern for me as a person that stood out to me. She is not only a great teacher, equipped with the knowledge and tools to guide one back to proper health, but she is a great student that is always eager to listen and learn from her patients.

My experience with Dr. Ostertag and Colorado Spine Therapy has been phenomenal! The caregivers excel professionally while maintaining a personal touch.

Christopher K.

Renee over at Colorado Spine Therapy is the best Physical Therapist that I have ever worked with. She is not only very knowledgeable in rehabilitating your specific injury but she is extremely personable and makes you feel very comfortable with the entire process. I will never hesitate to refer anyone that I know over to their office and, if I ever need it again, will definitely make another appointment.

Chris K.

There's something different about Colorado Spine Therapy. The therapists are very good at what they do, and taught me things that no one else had ever shown me before. I really felt like I was cared about as a person there, not just "another patient".

It's a unique environment - different than any other PT clinic I've been to before! Thanks, Colorado Spine Therapy, for helping me get back control of my life.

Renee O.