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Colorado Spine Therapy Newsletter

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Happy Holidays

This time of year is both joyous and stressful for many. Stress can cause headaches so this month we thought we’d share some advice on how prevent headaches during this holiday season.

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What You Should Know Before Back Surgery

For some conditions, surgery is the last option and patients don’t have a choice. Back surgery can be very expensive but a recent study published a few months ago concluded that “Education from a Physical Therapist Before Back Surgery May Reduce Cost and Improve Outcomes”. If you know anyone that is going to have back surgery, share this article with them. It could make the recovery process easier in more ways than one.

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Are You Smarter than a PT?

What in the real name of the “funny bone”? Hint, it’s not a bone at all.

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Recipe of the Month

We found this recipe online and frankly, thought the name was so funny that it deserved to be shared – Whoopie Pies! They sound like a nice holiday treat too. If you bake a batch, let us know what you think of them.

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From all of us here at the practice, have a wonderful holiday season!

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