Closed for 2 Weeks but Offering Telehealth

Hello again and welcome to Colorado Spine Therapy.

As I mentioned to you my previous video, we at Colorado Spine Therapy have been paying close attention to the information we received from the CDC and the American Physical Therapy Association on an almost hourly base.

Based on that information, our team has decided that it’s best in the interest of your health and our health to close the clinic for the next two weeks.

At that time we will decide to reopen again or not depending on the situation.

In The Meantime, We Will Be Offering Telehealth Visits.

For existing patients, your physical therapist will contact you today and set up those visits and explain how it works.

New patients, just call the clinic, leave a voicemail, and one of us will contact you to set up those telehealth visits.

In addition, we will be offering Zoom live video meetings via the Internet.

Stay tuned, we’ll let you know how that works, but you’ll see one of us then present a talk on relaxation techniques or stabilization exercises and showed him actually, because it’s, it’s like watching television.

Last but not least, stay healthy. Take good care of yourself, your family, your friends, and it’s stranger next doors.

Thank you.

Stefan JH van Duursen, PT, Owner
Colorado Spine Therapy