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How to stand?

by Stefan van Duursen, April 16, 2015

Have you ever wondered how to stand when your back is hurting? As it is the case with all postures, knowing how to stand can be very helpful in managing that aching back while you are trying to recover in physical therapy. There are several basic recommendations when it comes down to effective standing. Here we go!

1. Do not stand with both feet next to each other, i.e. symmetrical. Most people assume that this way of standing is helpful, it isn’t! Standing this way actually increases  the amount of loading/weight on your back.

2. When you stand, always try to stand with one foot slightly in front of the other. In addition, try to move slightly forward and backward or from side to side.

3. Wondering how to stand when you are doing the dishes, prepare foot or wash your face in the morning? Just apply the principle of “asymmetry” again. In these cases, open those little cabinets below your sink and place one foot in it. It doesn’t matter which foot, pick the most comfortable one.

Of course, it is important that when you do, for example, wash your face with one foot up in your cabinet as described above, you DO NOT bend your back, instead, bend in the hip.

We, at Colorado Spine Therapy, do realize that a written description of all of these recommendations can be vague and not helpful enough. No panic!  Just click on this link and you will see the video related to this topic. A picture is worth a thousand words!

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